Workshops with and IFMGA Technical Directors

The / IFMGA video introduction calls are almost done, in the last 7 weeks approx. 32 video conferences took place with our member federations. Thanks to all of you for the excellent preparation which has taken place in many member federations, many of you were present in the conference calls with several of your board members and instructors. Reiner has strategically guided you in the program where as Manuel has brought in the technical background of the platform and Marc Ledwidge has given us a summary of the current MS.i workgroup involvement and its future perspective. Thanks to IFMGA, was able to extend the amount of available languages to 20! In despite of the fact that we all have become much better at using English as primary communication language within the international federation, for the training within our member federations and when it comes to technical details, we are happy to be able to provide to many of you content in your first language. Several of you have mentioned that additional topics should be added to the platform. As an MS.i member, IFMGA will be able to influence where MS.i is going in the future. Manuel will be available to us during our November 2020 meeting, please feel free to contact Reiner concerning specific proposals where MS.i should go in the future and Manuel in case you have and technical issues with the platform or specific content related questions.