What is a Professional Mountain Guide

What is a Professional Mountain Guide?
The mountain guide’s obligation to clients is not only to guide them safely through the mountains. Before the tour starts, he/she gives personal advice to the client and supports him/her in selecting the right tour. Mountain guides have a basic education in geology, fauna and flora and know the mountains and their history. 
Consequently, a mountain tour becomes a life experience for the client. The guide does not only lead the way, but is also a coach providing advice and motivation. He/she helps ambitious clients to improve technically and physically. Often the mountain guide accompanies his/her client for many years all over the world. This is the basis for friendships that last for a lifetime. 
Safety is an important issue in mountaineering. Humans are looking for recreation and adventure in the mountains. In mountaineering as in life there is a certain residual risk that cannot be eliminated. Mountain guides are professionally trained to reduce this residual risk. Their high-quality education is focused on safety and their ample experience helps the mountain guide make the right decisions in difficult situations.