Aspirancy Course, Technical Training Module II and VII for Official Mountain Guide with AGMP/Peru

From September 06th to 17th
Being the Association of Mountain Guides of Peru - AGMP, promoter of the Institute of Higher Technological Education - Center for High Mountain Studies - IESTP - CEAM @iestpceam.
Carried out in the Quebrada Huacrish - Cordillera Huayhuash. 
Ascents made: Nevado Angoncancha, Nevado Tsacra Chico and Arista de Escalompunta. 
Technical topics were developed under the International Quality Standards of the International Union of Mountain Guides Associations - UIAGM: 
- Nivology. 
- Snowpack stability evaluation test. 
- Mountain safety (prevention and action). 
- Avalanche rescue. 
- Survival techniques. 
- Techniques for guiding clients on large routes. 
- Structure of expeditions on large routes. 
- Guiding clients in large-scale mountain terrain. 
Association of Mountain Guides of Peru - AGMP - promoting the safe practice of mountaineering and responsible tourism. 
Instructors: G.O.M. Ángel Morales Domínguez (DT), G.O.M. Joseli Carlos Callupe Carrera, G.O.M. Guido Mollepaza Mollehuanca, G.O.M. Moises del Río Lopez. 
Credits: Official Mountain Guide - Joseli Carlos Callupe Carrera - Instructor.